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27 Feb 18 | Media Release: Alcohol causes nearly 6,000 Australian deaths in one year, a third from cancer

Almost 6,000 Australians died from alcohol-attributable disease in a single year, about one every 90 minutes, according to new research being released today.

08 Feb 18 | NDRI Seminar: Why the AOD field should be interested in the psychedelic science renaissance

NDRI invites you to a free public seminar presented by Dr Stephen Bright, Senior Lecturer of Addiction at ECU and NDRI Adjunct Research Fellow.

07 Feb 18 | Fit for purpose: The legal, medical and social barriers and enablers to safer PIED injecting

NDRI Melbourne is co-convening a forum exploring issues relating to performance and image-enhancing drug (PIED) use.

05 Feb 18 | Does having a few drinks a night make you an alcoholic?

NDRI's Professor Steve Allsop speaks to Nadia Mitsopoulos about our drinking habits on ABC Radio Perth's Focus program.

01 Feb 18 | Analysing gender in research and policy on alcohol-related violence among young people

NDRI researcher David Moore has been awarded an ARC grant to lead a study looking at gender issues and alcohol-related violence.

26 Mar 18 | New research on teenagers and high risk drinking now available

New research about the risky drinking behaviour of 3,500 Australian 14-19 year olds is now available.

23 Mar 18 | Contribution to major AOD sector event

NDRI made a significant contribution to the 2018 WA AOD Conference, a key event for the sector in this state.

14 Mar 18 | March Connections now online

Topics include pharmaceutical opioids, adult alcohol consumption and child injury deaths, and a 'conversation with' Nicki Herriot.

13 Mar 18 | NDRI contributes to WA Preventive Health Summit

NDRI's Steve Allsop and Tanya Chikritzhs were among a select group of invited speakers at the recent health summit.

06 Mar 18 | PhD Scholarship: Call for expressions of interest

NDRI invites expressions of interest for a PhD scholarship in the area of performance and image-enhancing drug (PIED) use.

05 Mar 18 | Four ways alcohol is bad for your health

NDRI researchers write for The Conversation about four diseases that are strongly linked with alcohol consumption.

27 Apr 18 | Media Release: Alcohol adverts may be in breach of advertising code, study finds

A study of young drinkers’ responses to alcohol advertising has found that current ads are highly appealing to young people and use actors who are perceived as being under the age of 25.

24 Apr 18 | Research Associate position at NDRI Melbourne

The project will investigate the gender concepts informing research and policy on alcohol-related violence among young people, using a comparative approach encompassing Australia, Canada and Sweden

18 Apr 18 | Legal highs: arguments for and against legalising cannabis in Australia

NDRI's Nicole Lee and Jarryd Bartle from RMIT University write for The Conversation.

13 Apr 18 | NDRI Seminar: Alcohol and young adults

NDRI invites you to a free seminar with two visiting alcohol researchers from Penn State University.

25 May 18 | Media Release: World-first eHealth program to address adolescent lifestyle risk behaviours

A world-first eHealth program targeting the ‘big six’ lifestyle risk behaviours in young people that can lead to chronic disease later in life is to be trialled in WA.

24 May 18 | Upcoming webinar: Psychosis and other mental health effects of ice

Rebecca McKetin will present a free webinar for the Cracks in the Ice Webinar Series on the effects of methamphetamine.

17 May 18 | NDRI Seminar: The evolution of synthetic cannabinoid new psychoactive substances

NDRI invites you to a free public seminar presented by Dr Samuel Banister, Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics at the Brain and Mind Centre, University of Sydney.

02 May 18 | May Connections now online

Topics include social media marketing of alcohol, drug monitoring using wastewater analysis, teenagers and high risk drinking, and a 'conversation with' Mandy Wilson.

02 May 18 | Drug rehab: what works and what to keep in mind when choosing a private treatment provider

NDRI's Nicole Lee write for The Conversation about what works in drug rehabilitation, and what to keep in mind when choosing a private treatment provider.

08 Jun 18 | June Connections now online

Topics include reducing chronic disease risk in Australian adolescents, psychedelics as potentially useful therapeutic agents, and a 'conversation with' NDARC's Ryan Courtney.

06 Jun 18 | National competition for excellence in hepatitis C health promotion

NDRI is co-organiser of a competition to encourage innovation in the field of hepatitis C health promotion.

27 Jul 18 | Winners announced: National competition for excellence in hepatitis C health promotion

CSRH and NDRI are delighted to announce the winners of the National Competition for Excellence in Hepatitis C Health Promotion.

19 Jul 18 | Why doctors say our mental health system isn't working

NDRI's Rebecca McKetin participates in an ABC Radio Perth Focus discussion about the mental health system in WA.

17 Jul 18 | Media Release: World-first trial of medication for ‘ice’ addiction

NDRI is leading a trial of a new medication to help people who are dependent on crystal methamphetamine, or ‘ice’.

15 Aug 18 | August Connections now online

Topics include addressing stigma in the workplace; engaging communities and services in research; and the new National Centre for Clinical Research in Emerging Drugs.

18 Sep 18 | New Paper: ‘Sniffer’ dogs don’t deter drug use at music festivals, and can cause unintended harm

The use of drug detection dogs as a policing strategy at outdoor music festivals is ineffective as a deterrent to illicit drug use, can lead to unintended harm, and should be urgently reconsidered.

13 Sep 18 | NDRI Seminar: What is implementation science and why should it be reflected in AOD projects?

NDRI invites you to a free public seminar on Thursday 11 October presented by Dr Joanna Moullin, Curtin University.

12 Sep 18 | Prisoners need drug and alcohol treatments but AA programs aren’t the answer

NDRI's Nicole Lee writes for The Conversation about drug and alcohol programs currently used in prisons.

31 Oct 18 | We're Hiring! Indigenous Senior Research Fellow/Associate Professor

NDRI is seeking an Indigenous Australian researcher to lead the Aboriginal Australian research program.

17 Oct 18 | NDRI Seminar: Peculiar differences in Australian and New Zealand beer markets

NDRI invites you to a free public seminar presented by Professor Kypros Kypri, University of Newcastle, on November 5 at 11am.

15 Oct 18 | Cannabis regulation on the agenda at NDRI Annual Symposium

Anyone with an interest in cannabis law reform should register for NDRI’s Annual Symposium, this year taking place in Melbourne on Thursday 22 November.

12 Oct 18 | October Connections newsletter now online

Topics include 'new recovery', clinical practice guidelines, opioid overdose deaths, and a conversation with consumer representative Juanita Koeijers.

01 Oct 18 | New knowledge exchange products on alcohol now available

New resources based on the Review of the harmful use of alcohol among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are now available online.

13 Nov 18 | NDRI Seminar: Life in a Kingdom of Wowsers - Impact of NSW’s Lockout Laws

NDRI invites you to a free public seminar presented by Dr Don Weatherburn, NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, on December 3 at 11am.
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01 Jan 17 | NDRI success in NHMRC and ARC grants: Over $2.5m for new research

NDRI has been awarded new funding for research into methamphetamine treatment, naloxone uptake, and use of performance and image enhancing drugs.

17 Feb 17 | New Report: Alcohol related harms in Western Australian electoral districts

A new report provides estimates of alcohol-related harms in each of the 59 Western Australian Lower House Electoral Districts, based on the best available data.

01 Feb 17 | NDRI has moved!

The National Drug Research Institute has relocated to new premises at Technology Park in the Perth suburb of Bentley, adjacent to Curtin University’s main campus.

01 Mar 17 | New funding for research to address Aboriginal mental health in culturally appropriate ways

Two new NDRI-led projects aim to transform mental health and drug and alcohol services to provide culturally appropriate access for Aboriginal people.

01 Apr 17 | Upcoming webinar: Addressing harmful alcohol and other drug use among Aboriginal Australians

NDRI’s Ted Wilkes and Dennis Gray will present a free webinar on Thursday 11 May on addressing harmful alcohol and other drug use among Aboriginal Australians.

01 May 17 | New Report: Experiences of alcohol and other drug addiction, dependence or habit in Australia

A new NDRI report illuminates lived experiences of alcohol and other drug addiction or dependence in Australia.

01 May 17 | New Report: The social costs of methamphetamine in Australia

A new report on the social costs of methamphetamine in Australia has been published by NDRI.

23 Jun 17 | Paramedics treating more young women for alcohol intoxication than men

Tanya Chikritzhs speaks to The Conversation about a rise in risky drinking by young women.

19 Jun 17 | National recognition for Professor Steve Allsop

Professor Steve Allsop has been inducted into the National Honour Roll for his contribution to addressing AOD issues.

28 Jul 17 | Dry July: exploring what happens when you 'binge-stop' drinking alcohol

Steve Allsop speaks to ABC Life Matters about the effects on your body and mind of giving up alcohol.

01 Jul 17 | Register for the Fourth Contemporary Drug Problems Conference

The Fourth Contemporary Drug Problems Conference will soon take place in Helsinki, Finland.

03 Aug 17 | PhD scholarships on offer at NDRI Melbourne

NDRI Melbourne is offering two PhD scholarships for qualitative research projects on alcohol and other drug use.

01 Aug 17 | NDRI researcher to be President of Kettil Bruun Society

Dr Anne-Marie Laslett has been voted President-elect of the international Kettil Bruun Society.

21 Sep 17 | Webinar: How to talk with teenagers about alcohol use

Steve Allsop presents a Positive Choices webinar for parents on how to talk with their teenagers about alcohol use.

01 Sep 17 | Curtin Lunchbox Lecture Series: "Drugs and work - what's going on?"

Professor Steve Allsop discusses drugs and work at Curtin's Lunchbox Lecture Series as part of Research and Innovation Week 2017.

01 Sep 17 | NDRI 30th anniversary symposium

NDRI is hosting a symposium in Perth to mark 30 years of conducting research aimed at preventing and reducing harmful AOD use in Australia.

01 Sep 17 | NDRI Seminar: The UK Alcohol Health Alliance at 10 years - a story of highs and lows

NDRI invites you to a free seminar, presented by Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, Chair of the UK Alcohol Health Alliance.

31 Oct 17 | Media Release: School leaver celebrations, teenagers and alcohol - parents can make a difference

Teenagers who consume alcohol are less likely to engage in high risk drinking if they know their parents disapprove.

24 Oct 17 | Upcoming webinar: The effects of ice

Nicole Lee will present a free webinar for the Cracks in the Ice Webinar Series on the effects of methamphetamine.

15 Oct 17 | October Connections now online

Topics include the price of 'ice', drug testing, baby boomers, and a 'conversation with' Rebecca McKetin.

11 Oct 17 | Lenton on Lateline: Naloxone and opioid overdose reversal

NDRI's Professor Simon Lenton speaks to ABC's Lateline about take-home naloxone for opioid overdose reversal.

01 Oct 17 | Breaking the ice online intervention now available

A free, confidential, self-guided intervention program for users of crystal methamphetamine (ice) is now available online.

15 Nov 17 | 2017 Contemporary Drug Problems Conference: ‘Making Alcohol and Other Drug Realities’

Materials from the Fourth Contemporary Drug Problems Conference are now available online.

04 Dec 17 | New review explores the harmful effects of alcohol use in the Indigenous Australian context

NDRI researchers have written a new review on the harmful effects of alcohol use in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander context.

04 Dec 17 | Alcohol in the university setting: A new resource to support universities

Experts from NDRI have helped to develop a new resource to support universities around use of alcohol.

01 Dec 17 | Do different drinks make you different drunk?

NDRI's Nicole Lee writes for The Conversation about the link between alcohol and our emotions.

01 Dec 17 | Three decades of research impact – NDRI’s 30th anniversary symposium

NDRI recently marked three decades of research aimed at preventing and reducing harmful alcohol and other drug use in Australia.

01 Dec 17 | December Connections now online

Topics include a global picture of injecting drug use, the role of health economics, and a 'conversation with' Gabrielle Campbell.

01 Jan 16 | Analysis reveals assaults eight times higher on NYE

A National Drug Research Institute analysis of Western Australian Police figures for the past five years has revealed that the average number of assaults per hour was more than eight times higher on New Year’s Eve than on other nights in December and January.

01 Feb 16 | New research shows most cannabis supplied by friends and acquaintances

A new study of Australian cannabis users has found that most obtain their cannabis through a ‘social supply’ market in which the supplier brokers, facilitates or sells drugs to friends and acquaintances for little or no financial gain.

01 Feb 16 | International scholars visit NDRI Melbourne

NDRI Melbourne is hosting three visiting scholars in the first half of 2016: Ditte Andersen, Rasmus Birk and Fay Dennis.

01 Mar 16 | NDRI expands methamphetamine research expertise

Australia’s foremost methamphetamine researcher, Associate Professor Rebecca McKetin, has joined the National Drug Research Institute in Perth, where she will lead a program of research on methamphetamine (‘ice’).

01 Apr 16 | NDRI researchers convene APSAD

NDRI researchers Dr Julia Butt and Dr Robert Tait are the conference co-convenors for the 2015 APSAD scientific conference.

01 Apr 16 | NDRI research challenges health benefits of alcohol

New research challenging the health benefits of alcohol captured the attention of international media recently.

01 May 16 | Australian Indigenous Alcohol and Other Drugs Knowledge Centre launched

The Australian Indigenous Knowledge Centre, a new web resource dedicated to reducing harms from alcohol and other drug use in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, was launched by NDRI's Professor Ted Wilkes at the 3rd National Indigenous Drug & Alcohol Conference (NIDAC).

01 Jun 16 | Symposium: Social and legal studies of addiction concepts

In collaboration with the Monash University Faculty of Law, SSAC will hold a research symposium on Friday, 7th of October at the Monash University Law Chambers, Melbourne.

01 Jul 16 | Lives of Substance

A groundbreaking web site will offer new perspectives on people often dismissed or stigmatised as dysfunctional, dangerous or sick.

01 Aug 16 | Recognition for hepatitis C researcher

Dr Susan Carruthers has been recognised by Hepatitis Australia with an Outstanding Service Award for Viral Hepatitis Health Promotion.

01 Sep 16 | AMA award for Aboriginal health champion

NDRI's Associate Professor Ted Wilkes has been recognised by the AMA (WA) for his distinguished career championing the health of Indigenous Australians.

01 Sep 16 | Change at the top at NDRI

Professor Steve Allsop has stepped down as Director of NDRI and Professor Simon Lenton has commenced in the role.

01 Sep 16 | Evaluation shows WA drug users can save lives with naloxone

An evaluation of WA’s first take-home naloxone program has found that the program saves lives and should be continued and expanded.

01 Oct 16 | Alcohol-related assaults hospitalise 10,000 Australians a year

The latest NAIP research has found that more than 10,000 Australians were hospitalised in a single year because of injuries attributed to alcohol-related assault.

16 Nov 16 | The more you drink, the greater your risk of prostate cancer

Researchers have found evidence that even low volume drinking can increase the risk of prostate cancer.

15 Nov 16 | Media Release: The more you drink, the greater your risk of prostate cancer

A collaborative study published today provides new evidence of a significant link between alcohol consumption and the risk of prostate cancer.

01 Nov 16 | Lives of Substance goes live!

Lives of Substance is Australia’s first dedicated website presenting carefully researched personal stories of alcohol or other drug addiction, dependence or habit.

01 Dec 16 | Fourth Contemporary Drug Problems conference – call for abstracts

Abstract submissions are now being sought for the fourth biennial Contemporary Drug Problems conference in Helsinki, Finland from 23-25 August 2017.
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01 Feb 15 | Discussing drugs, policy and public health

NDRI will be hosting a week-long program on Drugs, Policy and Public Health in mid-2015.

01 Mar 15 | NDRI PhD student strengthens international links with India

NDRI has strengthened its international links with the arrival from Delhi, India of Himanshu Gupta, one of the first recipients of a Curtin University Faculty of Health Sciences International Research Scholarship.

01 Mar 15 | Swedish PhD student studying cannabis use visits NDRI’s Melbourne office

Swedish PhD student Josefin Månsson will spend a month at NDRI Melbourne working on her dissertation on cannabis discourses in Sweden.

01 Mar 15 | New Report: Off-site outlets and alcohol-related harm

This NDLERF research report investigates the relationship between rates of reported assault, alcohol sales and numbers of licensed outlets in Queensland and Western Australia.

01 Apr 15 | Dr Fiona Lander: A future leader in global health and international human rights

NDRI recently hosted an international human rights law expert who is completing her Masters at Harvard University.

01 May 15 | NDRI contributes to new drug and alcohol tool for construction industry

Construction workers and their employers have a new tool to tackle alcohol and drug use and help create a safer workplace.

01 Jun 15 | Translating research into policy: Insights into influence from decision makers

Former WA Premier Carmen Lawrence and former Government Ministers Judi Moylan and Michael Moore to headline at NDRI event, Drugs, Policy and Public Health.

30 Jul 15 | Good research, informing policy

A high-level panel discussion on drugs, policy and politics was a fitting culmination to NDRI’s Drugs, Policy and Public Health program.

01 Jul 15 | Third Contemporary Drug Problems Conference: 'Encountering alcohol and other drugs'

Building on the accomplishments of the first two conferences in Italy and Denmark, the international journal Contemporary Drug Problems is holding its third biennial conference in Lisbon, Portugal from 16-18 September 2015.

01 Aug 15 | Responding to steroid injecting: New report

A new report suggests that Australia is at risk of increases in HIV and hepatitis C transmission as rates of illicit steroid injecting go up.

01 Aug 15 | New NAIP research on alcohol-related ED presentations

The latest NAIP research has found that the rate of alcohol-related emergency department presentations is increasing faster for women than for men in Australia.

01 Aug 15 | Help online for ice users

A randomized controlled trial of a web-based treatment program designed to help people who use stimulant drugs like methamphetamine, including ‘ice’, has found that the online treatment is promising.

01 Sep 15 | Professor Tanya Chikritzhs recognised for Action on Alcohol

NDRI's Professor Tanya Chikritzhs has been recognized for her work in the area of alcohol policy, winning the Research category of the 2015 Action on Alcohol Awards.

01 Sep 15 | Evaluation supports take-home naloxone Australia-wide

An independent evaluation of Australia’s first opioid overdose management program that provides naloxone on prescription to potential overdose victims has been endorsed by experts.

01 Oct 15 | Aboriginal Australian focus at APSAD conference

Two leading Aboriginal researchers, Professor James Ward and NDRI's Dr Michael Wright, will be featured at this year’s APSAD conference.

01 Oct 15 | Report on the Third Contemporary Drug Problems Conference

The international journal Contemporary Drug Problems recently held its third biennial conference, ‘Encountering alcohol and other drugs’, in Lisbon, Portugal.

12 Nov 15 | Professor Steve Allsop receives APSAD award for excellence

NDRI Director Professor Steve Allsop has been recognised by APSAD for his outstanding contribution to the field of substance use and misuse.

01 Dec 15 | New resource on alcohol and older Australians available

A new fact sheet is available providing older Australians with information about how ageing impacts on the body’s ability to process alcohol and alcohol’s potential interactions with prescribed and over the counter medications.

30 Jan 14 | NDRI researcher recognised in Australia Day Honours

Associate Professor Ted Wilkes received one of Australia’s highest honours by being appointed an Officer (AO) of the Order of Australia.
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01 Mar 14 | New program of research at NDRI

The Social Studies of Addiction Concepts (SSAC) research program will map and monitor changes in addiction concepts and language in Australia and around the world.

01 Apr 14 | NDRI researcher rewarded for positive action on alcohol

Dr Tina Lam’s ground-breaking research on alcohol and other drug use at school leaver celebrations in Western Australia was recognised at WA’s first Action on Alcohol Awards.

01 May 14 | Professor Steve Allsop inducted into inaugural honour roll for sector leaders

NDRI Director, Professor Steve Allsop, was inducted into an inaugural honour roll recognising leadership, integrity, vision and commitment to the field of preventing and reducing alcohol and other drug problems in Western Australia, nationally and internationally.

01 Jun 14 | New NDRI app delivers culturally appropriate FASD resources

NDRI researchers involved in the National Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Resources Project have developed a new tool for health professionals working in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health care settings.

01 Jul 14 | NDRI book gives answers on addiction

NDRI academics Suzanne Fraser and David Moore, together with Helen Keane of the Australian National University, have published a new book, Habits: Remaking Addiction.

01 Aug 14 | Could it be the Gunja? website and resources

'Could it be the Gunja?' aims to provide health workers in the Aboriginal Primary Health Care sector with meaningful information and culturally appropriate resources to help them better meet the needs of those who use cannabis.

26 Sep 14 | Media Release: International study confirms breast cancer link to low alcohol use

A newly published study from NDRI and the Centre for Addictions Research of BC (CARBC) at the University of Victoria in Canada confirms that moderate drinkers have an increased risk of breast cancer.

01 Sep 14 | New Report: What difference does residential treatment make for young people?

This research aimed to produce a robust qualitative outcome measure of young people’s progress in treatment, and contribute to evidence-based residential treatment options for particular groups of young people in Australia.

01 Sep 14 | National Alcohol Indicators Project (NAIP) bulletin 13 released

NAIP Bulletin 13, Trends in estimated alcohol-attributable deaths in Australia, 1996-2010: Alcoholic liver disease, liver cancer, and colorectal cancer, has been released.

01 Oct 14 | Aboriginal mothers in prison in the news

NDRI researchers recently raised the focus on a rarely discussed aspect of Australia’s high Indigenous incarceration rate: the far-reaching impact of imprisoning Aboriginal mothers.
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15 Dec 14 | International WHO forum: Taking a collaborative approach to public health across the region

NDRI Director, Professor Steve Allsop, recently attended the first WHO collaborating centre regional forum for the Western Pacific, held in the Philippines.