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NDRI hosts regular free seminars featuring a diverse range of topics and speakers, including NDRI researchers, PhD scholars, and visiting national and international experts.

Our seminars are held in the Level 2 Seminar Room, Building 603, Sarich Way, Technology Park, Bentley WA 6102 Map

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NDRI Seminar: Alcohol and the health and human rights of women and children Dr Anne-Marie Laslett 28/11/19 Bentley, WA Link
NDRI Seminar: If alcohol in moderation likely has no health benefits, is it time to modify national low-risk drinking guidelines? Dr Tim Stockwell 11/12/19 Bentley, WA Link

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NDRI Seminar: Practical advice for smoking cessation in drug and alcohol service settings 10/05/19 Bentley, WA Link Link
NDRI Seminar: Harms to children from others’ drinking - Recent findings and policy impacts 09/04/19 Bentley, WA Link  
NDRI Seminar: Drug trends in WA - Findings from the 2018 IDRS and EDRS 28/02/19 Bentley, WA Link IDRS Link
NDRI Seminar: Life in a kingdom of wowsers - Impact of NSW’s lockout laws 03/12/18 Bentley, WA Link Link
NDRI Seminar: Peculiar differences in Australian and New Zealand beer markets 05/11/18 Bentley, WA Link Link
NDRI Seminar: The evolution of synthetic cannabinoid new psychoactive substances 20/06/18 Bentley, WA Link  
NDRI Seminar: ‘Alcohol and substance related problems among young adults: a four-year longitudinal study’ & ‘Talking with your emerging adult student about alcohol’ 08/05/18 Bentley, WA Link Link
NDRI Seminar: Why the AOD field should be interested in the psychedelic science renaissance 22/02/18 Bentley, WA Link Link
NDRI Forum: Fit for purpose - The legal, medical and social barriers and enablers to safer PIED injecting 16/02/18 Melbourne, Vic Link  
NDRI 30th Anniversary Symposium: Working with communities - AOD intervention and policy research 30/11/17 Bentley, WA Link  
2017 Contemporary Drug Problems conference: ‘Making alcohol and other drug realities’ 23/08/17 Helsinki, Finland Link Link
Past Webinar Presenter Organiser Date Link
Kava use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people Dr Julia Butt, NDRI Australian Indigenous AOD Knowledge Centre 25/06/19 Webinar
Psychosis and other mental health effects of ice Associate Professor Rebecca McKetin, NDRI Cracks in the Ice 09/07/18 Webinar
Females ‘behaving badly’: Violence, substance use and involvement with the criminal justice system Dr Mandy Wilson and Ms Ngaire Pigram, NDRI Australian Indigenous AOD Knowledge Centre 20/06/18 Webinar
Effects of ice on the brain and body, and implications for responding Adjunct Professor Nicole Lee, NDRI Cracks in the Ice 16/11/17 Webinar
How to talk with teenagers about alcohol use Professor Steve Allsop, NDRI Positive Choices 21/09/17 Webinar
Harnessing good intentions: Addressing harmful AOD use among Aboriginal Australians Associate Professor Ted Wilkes & Professor Dennis Gray, NDRI Australian Indigenous AOD Knowledge Centre 11/05/17 Webinar