Could it be the Gunja?

The Aboriginal Research Team at NDRI, in collaboration with six Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations, undertook a research project looking at cannabis related harms and possible interventions. Through consultation with health staff, it was clear that cannabis related harms impact the community and that cannabis use is common but, despite this, the information and resources available for staff to provide to clients were very limited. The Could it be the gunja? project aimed to get cannabis use on the health agenda by raising the issue with clients in a safe and secure manner, and encouraging discussion about cannabis related harms. The project developed and piloted a range of health promotion materials, screening and brief intervention materials, and training materials.

Some of the health promotion and training materials from the project are available below. The health promotion pamphlets and posters can be downloaded and printed out for use with clients and in the community. The training videos are intended for use by staff who provide health services to clients.

The Could it be the gunja? project was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health via the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC), which was run by the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC), UNSW, until its closure in late 2016. We thank the Department of Health and NDARC for making these resources available. We are truly grateful to the organisations who supported and contributed to this project.

These materials are being made available now in response to needs identified in a recent research project undertaken at NDRI investigating the co-use of cannabis and tobacco among Aboriginal people in the South West of Western Australia. This research identified an ongoing need for cannabis related health information, and we thank Healthway for their support in funding this project. Results of this research will be published soon.

These training videos are intended for use by staff who provide health services to clients. Please note that the flip chart referred to in some of these training videos is no longer available.


GP consultation

GP consultation with captions

Health check

Health check with captions

Community event

Community event with captions