Young Australians Alcohol Reporting System (YAARS)


The Young Australians Alcohol Reporting System (YAARS) aims to investigate higher risk drinking practices among Australian adolescents.

YAARS was first trialled in 2013 in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Bunbury (regional WA). In 2016 and 2017, 3,500 14-19 year olds were surveyed in every jurisdiction of Australia. These young people were selected as they were engaging in drinking patterns that were associated with risk of harm.

Our participants described their most recent risky drinking session, including how much they drank, where they drank, the types of beverages they had, some of the outcomes of this consumption, and how they tried to keep safe while drinking. We asked about these experiences to determine which factors contribute to, or protect young people from alcohol related harms.

YAARS is run by the National Drug Research Institute (Curtin University) with collaborating partners from the University of New South Wales (NSW), Monash University (VIC), the University of Tasmania (TAS), Flinders University (SA), ACT Health (ACT), Charles Darwin University (NT), and the University of Queensland (QLD). The team is supported by the Commonwealth Department of Health to promote the health and wellbeing of young people.


National report

This comprehensive report describes the findings from the 3,500 surveys conducted with risky drinking 14-19 year old Australians from October 2016 to March 2017.

While in recent years many Australian teenagers choose not to drink at all, in 2016 one in five 14-19 year olds still drank at levels that put them at risk of injury, at least once a month (NDSHS 2017). YAARS caters to the young people who are overrepresented in alcohol-related harm statistics, but underrepresented in mainstream Australian health surveys.

This national report describes these risky drinkers’ usual alcohol use patterns, their most recent risky drinking session, and a range of other related health behaviours and outcomes from the past 12 months.

Bulletins by jurisdiction

These four-page bulletins provide a graph-based overview of each state and territory’s ‘most recent risky drinking session’ 2016-17 findings.

Bulletins by topic

These four page graph-based bulletins are a summary of some of the peer-reviewed articles we wrote using the 2013 YAARS data.

Jurisdiction-specific reports

These site-reports provide state and territory specific background on the data collection context and findings from the ‘most recent risky drinking session’.

Peer reviewed publications

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Journalists who would like to report on this research are invited to contact NDRI's communications officers at, (08) 9266 1627 or 0414 682 055.

National Drug Research Institute (national coordination - WA)
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Turning Point and Monash University, VIC
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