Integrating contingency management for methamphetamine use into routine clinical care in Australia

This project explores options for implementing contingency management for methamphetamine dependence in different services in Australia. The research will involve four phases: i) an expert working group to identify different possible models of contingency management and how they can be adapted to different service settings; ii) a scoping review to provide information on different available contingency management models, evidence around their implementation, and barriers to implementation, iii) focus groups with representatives from indicative implementation settings and interest groups, and iv) a survey of people who use methamphetamine to test the acceptability of, and preferences for, different contingency management models and the components thereof.

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Dr Sam Colledge-Frisby
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Chief Investigator

Harm reduction policy and strategies


  • Chief Investigator: Rebecca McKetin, University of New South Wales
  • Chief Investigator: Michael Christmass, Next Step Drug and Alcohol Service
  • Chief Investigator: Paul MacCartney, Western Health
  • Chief Investigator: Dean Membrey, Western Health
  • Chief Investigator: Shalini Arunogiri, Monash University
  • Chief Investigator: Simon Clay, University of New South Wales
  • Chief Investigator: Alison Marshall, University of New South Wales
  • Chief Investigator: Meredith Ginley, East Tennessee State University
  • Chief Investigator: Jack Nagle, Connect Based Living
  • Chief Investigator: Michael Farrell, University of New South Wales
  • Chief Investigator: Louisa Degenhardt, University of New South Wales
  • Chief Investigator: Jason Grebely, University of New South Wales

This project aligns with the following Sustainable Development Goals and Targets:

Clay, S., Wilkinson, Z., Ginley, M., Arunogiri, S., Christmass, M., Membrey, D., MacCartney, P., Sutherland, R., Colledge-Frisby, S., Marshall, A., D., Nagle, J., Degenhardt, L., Farrell, M. and McKetin, R. (2023). Perspectives and sentiments on contingency management from people who use methamphetamine. Drug and Alcohol Review, 42, (6), pp. 1427-1437. doi:10.1111/dar.13691 [RJ2060] View web page