Dr Michael Christmass

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Michael Christmass is a Consultant in Addiction Medicine at the East Perth site of the government substance use disorder treatment service referred to as Next Step. This is a community-based treatment service for all substance use disorders, with the East Perth site serving the CBD and surrounds. Activities include an outpatient case load (100-120 patients) as well as providing consultant level support to resident medical officers, general practice registrars (Royal Australian College of General Practice), advanced trainees in addiction medicine (Royal Australasian College of Physicians) and case managers.

Michael serves as a Consultant to the only government provided, medically supervised, inpatient substance withdrawal unit in Western Australia. He contributed to establishing the first stimulant use disorder outpatient treatment clinic in Western Australia and is the founding developer of the Next Step Education Series on substance use disorder and related topics. Michael is keen to link research activities at NDRI with clinical practice in substance use disorder to benefit patients in Western Australia.

  • PhD Biochemistry, University of Western Australia
  • MSc Physiology, University of Western Australia
  • Clinical management of substance use disorder in outpatient and inpatient settings
  • Development of addiction treatment services in tertiary hospitals within Western Australia
  • Lisdexamphetamine for withdrawal management in crystal methamphetamine dependence
  • Pharmacotherapy for relapse prevention in stimulant use disorder
  • Contingency management for relapse prevention in stimulant use disorder
  • Gabapentinoid dependence and withdrawal management
  • Policy development for opioid substitution treatment in Western Australia

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