Social and Cultural Resilience and Emotional Well-being of Aboriginal Mothers in Prison

  • Research program: Justice health
  • Project status: Completed
  • Start date: January 2010
  • Expected end date: December 2016
  • Completion date: December 2016
  • Funded by: NHMRC - 630653
  • Lead organisation:

The study aims are to:

  1. Involve a broad range of stakeholders throughout the research process (objective 1);
  2. Describe the health of Aboriginal women in prison, with a focus on social and emotional wellbeing (objectives 2-5);
  3. Investigate equity of access to culturally safe health care in prison for Aboriginal women (objectives 5-8);
  4. Identify the key attributes of culturally safe models of health care for Aboriginal women in prison (objectives 5-9);
  5. Identify pathways for the transition of culturally safe health care into the community so that health gains are maximised on release from prison (objectives 6&8); and
  6. Build capacity among Aboriginal researchers, Aboriginal community controlled health services and relevant community organisations (objectives 1,8 & 10).

Name & Contact Details Role Research Program Location
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Dr Jocelyn Jones
Tel: 61 (0)8 9266 1616
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Chief Investigator

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health


  • Chief Investigator: Eileen Baldry, University of New South Wales
  • Chief Investigator: Marisa Gilles, WA Country Health Service
  • Chief Investigator: Elizabeth Sullivan, University of Newcastle
  • Chief Investigator: Juanita Sherwood, University of Technology Sydney
  • Chief Investigator: Michael Levy, Australian National University
  • Co-investigator: Mandy Wilson, Curtin University
  • Co-investigator: Sacha Kendall, University of Technology Sydney

Professor Elizabeth Sullivan


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Dr Mandy Wilson
Research Fellow
Tel: 61 (0)8 9266 1625
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This project aligns with the following Sustainable Development Goals and Targets:

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