- New alcohol consumption and dependence module SWSLHD focus

  • Research program: Social studies of addiction concepts
  • Project status: Current
  • Start date: September 2018
  • Expected end date: December 2019
  • Completion date:
  • Funded by: South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD) Drug Health Services (DHS)
  • Lead organisation:

The research will generate new knowledge on how SWSLHD-based people who experience difficulties associated with alcohol consumption:

1. experience and give meaning to their consumption;

2. view, and make decisions about accessing, treatment for alcohol dependence in SWSLHD; and

3. manage and respond to concurrent alcohol dependence and other health conditions.

This knowledge will then be used to add a new dedicated alcohol module to a successful Australian internet resource on experiences of addiction, dependence or drug habit: The new module will:

• Present individual experiences of alcohol dependence, treatment and recovery, described by those directly affected in their own words;

• Better support those experiencing difficulties associated with their alcohol consumption;

• Improve public and professional understanding of alcohol dependence issues and the range of treatment experiences and views on recovery;

• Contribute to the knowledge base for informed public debate and policy.

Name & Contact Details Role Research Program Location
  • Chief Investigator: Suzanne Fraser, La Trobe University
  • Chief Investigator: Renae Fomiatti, La Trobe University

Professor Suzanne Fraser
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