Analysing alcohol advertising's impact on recall of drinking experiences

  • Research program:
  • Project status: Completed
  • Start date: January 2005
  • Expected end date: December 2008
  • Completion date: December 2008
  • Funded by: Australian Research Council
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This study explores the public health implications of recent breakthrough research that established advertising can change what consumers remember about their experience of using a product, without the consumer being aware of this. The research will determine if current alcohol ads are reinforcing binge-drinking amongst Australia?s youth by positively reconstructing their memories of their own binge-drinking experiences, so making them remember these experiences as more attractive & enjoyable than they actually were. It will also explore whether ads can, through negatively reconstructing the target audience's memories of their binge-drinking experiences as less enjoyable & more unpleasant experience, inhibit binge-drinking behaviour.

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  • Principal Investigator: Robert Donovan,
  • Co-investigator: M Ewing,