Recreational drug use, with particular reference to ecstasy, in a network of young people

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  • Project status: Completed
  • Start date: May 1990
  • Expected end date: February 1992
  • Completion date: March 2000
  • Funded by: RIDAAC
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This study is designed to be exploratory and to determine the social and cultural features associated with Ecstasy use amongst a network of young people aged between 20-30 years in Perth, Western Australia, as well as other incidental recreational drug use. An attempt will also be made to gauge the extent and nature of drug-related harm and to investigate existing social mechanisms for harm reduction.

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Moore, D. (2004). Beyond 'subculture' in the ethnography of illicit drug use. Contemporary Drug Problems, 31, (2), pp. 181-212. DOI: 10.1177/009145090403100202 [RJ424] View web page