Levels of patron intoxication after drinking in Perth hotels and taverns (Pub Study) [See Project 26]

  • Research program:
  • Project status: Completed
  • Start date: January 1989
  • Expected end date: March 1991
  • Completion date: March 1991
  • Funded by: NCRPDA
  • Lead organisation:

This study sought to measure levels of patron intoxication and mode of transport as they left Perth hotels and taverns identified as being at high and low risk for alcohol related problems. In addition to undergoing a breath analysis consenting patrons were asked questions relating to their prior drinking behaviour. High and Low Risk establishments were also compared on demographic comparisons. Two further papers are still in preparation: one examining overall levels of intoxication, the other the ability of trained observers to identify patrons with very high BAL's.

Name & Contact Details Role Research Program Location
  • Project staff: Philip Rydon,
  • Project staff: Claudia Ovenden,
  • Project staff: Evan Jenkins,
  • Project staff: Sonia Gianatti,
  • Project staff: David Syed,

Rydon, P., Stockwell, T., R., Jenkins, E., M. and Syed, D. (1993). Blood alcohol levels of patrons leaving licensed premises in Perth, Western Australia. Australian Journal of Public Health, 17, (4), pp. 337-345. [RJ121]

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