Alcohol liability in Canada and Australia

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  • Project status: Completed
  • Start date: January 1995
  • Expected end date: June 1996
  • Completion date: June 1996
  • Funded by: CDHFS (NDS Visiting Fellowship)
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In the United States and in Canada there have been a significant number of civil lawsuits brought against liquor licensees and servers where they have served a customer who subsequently caused harm to a third party as a result of becoming intoxicated. Professor Robert Solomon is an expert on Canadian law in this area. Given the limited case law in Australia but the essential similarity between our legal systems Professor Solomon was commissioned to examine the prospects for such lawsuits occurring in Australia. His report is a comprehensive analysis and comparison of the laws of negligence between the two countries and of case law in the area of alcohol liability. In essence. it is concluded that there is no legal impediment to such third party cases succeeding Australia.

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  • Chief Investigator: R Solomon,