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McBride, N. and Midford, R. (1999). Encouraging schools to promote health: Impact of the Western Australian School Health Project (1992-1995). Journal of School Health, 69, (6), pp. 220-227. [RJ259]

The Western Australian School Health (WASH) Project was a school health promotion intervention that operated over a four year period (1992-1995), providing a comprehensive, year long intervention to assist successive groups of schools to develop health promotion programs. The WASH Project worked with self-selected school communities and used community development strategies to support participating schools in identifying and responding to health concerns relevant to their students.

This paper reports the school impact results of the WASH Project. School impact data involved 24 variables that were categorised into two areas, school organisational factors supportive of health promotion and school health promotion factors. Two methods of analysis were used, logistic regression indicating the direction of change, and linear regression indicating the magnitude of change. The results demonstrate that schools successfully made organisational changes to support health promotion; in particular the allocation of additional time, personal and monetary resources.

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