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McBride, N., Midford, R. and Cameron, I. (1998). An empirical model for school health promotion: The Western Australian School Health Project model. Health Promotion International, 14, (1), pp. 17-25. [RJ214]

Models of school health promotion simplify and support the complex process of encouraging schools to adopt health promotion as part of their organisational practice by outlining phases and areas that bear on adoption and scope of activity. Models provide a value conceptual framework on which to base action and a standard against which to measure success.

The WASH model is an empirically designed model that can assist both internal and external agents seeking to interest schools in developing comprehensive school health promotion programs. The WASH Model schematically represents the main elements of the WASH Project's process of initiating and developing health promotion with Western Australian schools. The model is based on the project's practical implementation experience (1992 - 1995) as an external intervention with its own specific health promotion agenda, operating in a setting that requires a participative approach to maximise outcomes. The model draws on system theory related to organisational change processes and on previous models of school health promotion.

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