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Beel, A., J. and Stockwell, T., R. (1995). The impact of Western Australia's .05 legislation on drivers' attitudes, perceptions and behaviours. National Centre for Research into the Prevention of Drug Abuse, Division of Health Sciences, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia. [T51]

This report contains findings of a community telephone survey conducted in four waves over a two year period to evaluate the introduction of .05 blood alcohol level (BAL) for fully licensed drivers of motor vehicles in Western Australia (WA), using Queensland as a control. The study design, questionnaire structure and respondent samples have permitted valid comparisons to be made across time, and between the states. In addition the evaluation has not been confounded by changing levels and styles of breath testing during the evaluation period. Community awareness of the new legislation increased from 74% to 91% after its introduction, while support for the .05 BAL and for RBT also increased significantly (50% to 57%, 92% to 95%, respectively) though knowledge of how much alcohol would put one over this limit remained poor. Despite increases in support for drink driving countermeasures there were no significant changes in either self-reported drinking and driving behaviour or attitudes for the whole of WA from before to after .05 though there were some encouraging trends in the direction of greater responsibility. Over the past decade drink driving attitudes and behaviours have improved in WA, however presently there is overwhelming evidence that WA lags behind QLD.

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