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Winter, R., Fraser, S., Booker, N. and Treloar, C. (2013). Authenticity and diversity: Enhancing Australian hepatitis C prevention messages. Contemporary Drug Problems, 40, (4), pp. 505-530. [RJ974] View web page

Despite two decades of prevention activities and education, rates of hepatitis C infection remain high among people who inject drugs. In this article we draw on the findings of an extensive review of the content of print hepatitis C prevention materials circulating in Australia, examining these data in light of Petraglia’s (2009) theory of “authenticity” in social marketing. We identify three main areas in which resources could be redesigned: closer attention to language and terminology, a critical engagement with common concepts of the individual, and more acknowledgement of the role of social and structural factors in shaping injecting practice. To achieve a stronger sense of authenticity, and in turn become more equitable and efficient, future resources could address these issues using insights from social marketing literature.

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