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Chikritzhs, T., N. (2009). Tools for policy and prevention: The Australian National Alcohol Indicators Project (NAIP). Contemporary Drug Problems, 36, pp. 607-624. [RJ723]

Alcohol is a leading cause of preventable death, disease, and disability in Australia. The National Alcohol Indicators Project (NAIP) is funded by the Commonwealth Government of Australia to monitor and report on trends in alcohol consumption and related harms across states and communities with special emphasis on the wide dissemination of information and evaluation of policy change. Using aetiologic fraction and surrogate methods, the NAIP has established a minimum set of reliable indictors of alcohol-related harms for monitoring and evaluation purposes, including: alcohol-attributable deaths and hospitalizations; police-reported road crash and violent offences related to alcohol intoxication; alcohol sales data, and national alcohol consumption surveys. The NAIP uses a range of strategies for maintaining policy-relevant outputs that are both scientifically rigorous and readily accessible by non-researchers, including: a range of dissemination modes which potentially appeal to diverse audiences (e.g. bulletins, submissions, journal articles); proactive communication of outputs to potential audiences; timely response to key stake-holder information needs; and a strong commitment to capitalizing on opportunities for alcohol policy evaluation at local, state, and national levels.

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