SHAHRP Refresh

SHAHRP resources were updated in 2012 as part of the SHAHRP Refresh project, funded by Healthway. SHAHRP resources were updated and program information refined, however program activities were not changed to ensure the potential for behavioural impact is maintained.

All modifications were based on input from key informants from several organisations, including school-based staff, who have been using the SHAHRP program for several years.

Updates included:

  • Literature review of the drug education field.
  • Updates to prevalence data.
  • Details of reference data to support the resources, including information on the effects of alcohol on brain development in adolescence.
  • Information about harms experienced by modern youth, such as social networking risks, and harm reduction strategies associated with these harms.
  • Functional changes that made resources more user-friendly, such as hard copies of lesson cards to reduce the need for photocopying, and a digital version of the SHAHRP trigger visual.