Going Global

Interest in SHAHRP has been widespread both nationally and internationally. The following summarises some of the recent international dissemination of SHAHRP.

  • Northern Ireland: 16,000 students in Northern Ireland receive lessons in SHAHRP annually following replication of the SHAHRP study in Northern Ireland. This has resulted in similar behavioural effects on alcohol use and alcohol related harm to the Australian study.
  • Brazil: The Federal de São Paulo in Brazil is replicating the SHAHRP study. The research team is undertaking focus groups with young people to help ensure that the scenarios and situations in the SHAHRP manual and workbooks are culturally relevant to young Brazilians. This will be followed by a behavioural assessment.
  • UK: The London School of Economics and Political Science recommended SHAHRP as one of ten evidence-based programs to be incorporated into UK Personal and Wellbeing Curriculum in schools (Link).
  • UK: The National Institute of Health (UK) has funded a random control trial of SHAHRP with a parental component to be conducted in Scotland and Northern Ireland (2012-2015) by Liverpool John Moores University.

A Google analysis of SHAHRP resource downloads shows a worldwide spread.