Teacher and Student Comments

Many teachers, from a variety of schools in Australia covering a broad socio economic range, have taught the SHAHRP program. Although Phase 3 of SHAHRP has been successfully implemented within the English learning area, the majority of schools implemented the SHAHRP program within the Health and Physical Education learning area. Accordingly, the majority of teachers who have taught the SHAHRP program have been Health and Physical Education trained. However, teachers from other learning areas have successfully implemented all phases of the program.

Teachers from all pilot and intervention schools were interviewed about their impressions and recommendations for modifying the program. In addition, students have provided written comments regarding their impressions and recommendations for modifications. Refinements have been made to the program based on these comments. The SHAHRP program has therefore had the benefit of two qualitative evaluations.

The vast majority of comments from both teachers and students were positive, with all teachers stating that would include the SHAHRP program in their future curricula. This positive response is important as the SHAHRP program is one of the few programs available that has proof of evidence that it can impact on alcohol related behaviours of young people.

Sample Teacher Comments

SHAHRP (phases one and two)

I have been teaching for twenty-five years in a very traditional way and I must admit I had concerns about teaching this program but I found it was just what the kids and I needed! It just proves you can teach all dogs new tricks.
I think the students realised this was going to be of use later in their lives and were very interested in it.
There was a lot of information but the kids seemed to pick up what they needed, like you can't speed up sobering up, caused a lot of discussion but they accept it now.
The hands on, practical activities were the highlight for me and the kids.
They were easier to manage than I expected because the kids just loved doing them so much and got so much out of them.
Both myself and my class benefited a great deal from being involved in this project and I will definitely be teaching it again.
Overall a very refreshing project to be involved in, I thoroughly enjoyed teaching the unit and I enjoyed the student's response and how much they got out of it. Congratulations on producing something that is relevant, improves the Health Education course and has a chance of effecting their behaviour in a positive way.

SHAHRP 2000 (phase three)

I just loved it. The activities were great and relevant to the kids. Someone from a careers class said to my students, 'you should be doing what we're doing; its great, we get prizes'. My students responded what we are doing is better.
Fantastic program! Even the reluctant kids participated quite well. I like the variety of activities. Not all the kids are going to like every activity but there is something for everyone!
I have loved the lessons. The situations really make the students think!

Sample Student Comments

SHAHRP (phases one and two)

I liked the unit because it was informative and fun and there was nothing I disliked. All the activities would be important to use as examples of what could happen in real life and to get us prepared for it.
I think this program will be very useful in the later stages of my life when I start drinking. I liked the lesson where you learned about standard drinks.
I liked the way we were able to talk freely about our opinions in groups and then explain it to the class.
I liked playing the game, pouring the drinks, working in groups at problems, doing the acting and passing the bottles.
Yes, it was pretty useful information and as lessons and school goes, it was pretty good.

SHAHRP 2000 (phase three)

Loved this, makes you realise things you might otherwise have found out the hard way.
It was fun and very progressive.
People don't realise how dangerous and how harmful the consequences are of drinking too much and getting out of control. Maybe this will help some to consider the harm before their actions.
I learnt a bit and also related it to my own previous personal situations and also that of friends. It made me see things a little differently.

If you would like to speak to a teacher who has taught the SHAHRP program you can contact:

Jan Michell
Applecross SHS
Phone: (08) 93642633
Email: jan.michell@eddept.wa.edu.au

Carol Sharbanee
Lockridge SHS
Phone: (08) 9279 2469