A political economy of indigenous alcohol and other substance use

  • Research program:
  • Project status: Completed
  • Start date: January 1996
  • Expected end date: December 1998
  • Completion date: December 1998
  • Funded by: Australian Research Council VIA EDITH COWAN UNIVERSITY
  • Lead organisation:

The result of this project was a book, published by Cambridge University Press, on indigenous alcohol use in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Drawing on the authors' first-hand experience and comprehensive review of published sources, the book provides: compartive description of pattersn of use and related harms in the three countries; a theoretical critique of current explanations of excessive alcohol consumption among indigenous peoples; and, a review of intervention strategies.

Name & Contact Details Role Research Program Location
  • Chief Investigator: Sherry Saggers, Curtin University
  • Project staff: Deirdre Bourbon, Curtin University

Saggers, S. and Gray, D. (1998). Alcohol in indigenous Australian communities. In Waddell, C. and Petersen, A. (eds.) Health Matters. Allen & Unwin, Sydney, Australia. pp. 320-335. ISBN: 1 86448 564 7 [CH64]

Saggers, S. and Gray, D. (1998). Dealing With Alcohol: Indigenous Use in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Cambridge University Press, Melbourne, Victoria. [M12]