Cannabis offenders in the Western Australian criminal justice system

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  • Project status: Completed
  • Start date: November 1994
  • Expected end date: December 1995
  • Completion date: March 2000
  • Funded by: NDCPF
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This project involved collection and analysis of statistical information on the processing of persons charged with cannabis related offences through the criminal justice system in Western Australia during the counting period 1990 to 1993. It was prepared for The Australian Institute of Criminology as part of phase one of research into the social impact of various actual and potential legislative responses to cannabis to be considered by the Ministerial Council on Drug Strategy. The individual record data presented in this report was provided by the Crime Research Centre (CRC) at the University of Western Australia. Arrest, court, community corrections and prison services data are presented.

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Professor Simon Lenton
Tel: 61 (0)8 9266 1603
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Chief Investigator

Harm reduction policy and strategies


  • Chief Investigator: Nini Loh,
  • Chief Investigator: Anna Ferrante, Curtin University

Lenton, S., Ferrante, A. and Loh, N. (1996). Dope busts in the West: minor cannabis offences in the Western Australian criminal justice system. Drug and Alcohol Review, 15, (4), pp. 335-341. [RJ225] View web page Abstract

Lenton, S. (1995). Cannabis offenders in the Western Australian criminal justice system. National Centre for Research into the Prevention of Drug Abuse, Division of Health Sciences, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia. [T49]