An examination of cannabis contamination and potency in Australia

  • Research program: Harm reduction policy and strategies
  • Project status: Completed
  • Start date: July 2006
  • Expected end date: December 2013
  • Completion date: October 2014
  • Funded by: NCPIC
  • Lead organisation:

The pilot study aims to improve our understanding of potency and contamination in cannabis available on the Australian market. It uses various methodologies to identify, and discuss the implications of, trends in cannabis potency and the presence of contaminants. The study will include: a literature review; consultations/interviews with experts on potency and contamination; an audit of websites associated with cannabis cultivation for information on potency and pesticides; growth promoters and contaminants relevant to local conditions; and a survey of users, growers and dealers addressing their knowledge and beliefs about potency and contamination.

Name & Contact Details Role Research Program Location
  • Chief Investigator: Wendy Swift,
  • Co-investigator: Paul Dillon,
  • Co-investigator: Colin Priddis, Chemistry Centre WA
  • Co-investigator: Jennifer McLaren,

Professor Steve Allsop
Tel: 61 (0)8 9266 1606
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