The influence of serving and promotional practices on risk status of licensed premises. [See Project 26]

  • Research program:
  • Project status: Completed
  • Start date: May 1991
  • Expected end date: September 1992
  • Completion date: September 1992
  • Funded by: NCRPDA
  • Lead organisation:

Having developed a method for determining the Risk Status of individual premises a comprehensive sample of 114 hotels and taverns in the inner Perth metropolitan area is being surveyed to discover whether any serving or promotional practices are reliably associated with degree of Risk. Variables of interest include the extent of discount schemes such as happy hours, other pricing policies, serve sizes, availability and promotion of low alcohol drinks, availability of food and schemes for preventing drink-driving. The data are being collected by a team of 4 interviewers who are visiting each premises and interviewing the manager or licensee and a member of the bar staff.

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  • Project staff: Philip Rydon,
  • Project staff: Ernie Lang,

Lang, E., Stockwell, T., R., Rydon, P. and Beel, A., J. (1998). Can training bar staff in responsible serving practices reduce alcohol-related harm? Drug and Alcohol Review, 17, (17), pp. 39-50. [RJ218] Abstract

Stockwell, T., R. (1992). On pseudo-patrons and pseudo-training for bar staff. British Journal of Addiction, 87, pp. 677-680. [RJ93]