Indicators of alcohol-related harm following drinking on licensed premises. [See Project 26]

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  • Project status: Completed
  • Start date: January 1989
  • Expected end date: September 1992
  • Completion date: September 1992
  • Funded by: NCRPDA
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Types and specific instances of drinking settings frequently associated with harm are being identified through data being collected by the WA Police, the Liquor Licensing Division of the Office of Racing and Gaming and an accident and emergency department. The utility of these data as indicators of harm has been explored resulting in the development of a formula for calculating the Risk Status of individual premises. We now have three years of such data and further analyses will explore such issues as the stability of Risk scores over time and a comparison of police assault data with accident and emergency data as indicators of violent incidents on licensed premises.

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  • Project staff: Andrea Beel,
  • Project staff: Peter Lewis,

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