Liquor Lisencing Review - Victoria

  • Research program:
  • Project status: Completed
  • Start date: October 1997
  • Expected end date: November 1997
  • Completion date: December 1997
  • Funded by: People Against Drink Driving, Victoria Branch
  • Lead organisation:

The State government of Victoria is reviewing a number of laws which regulate commercial practices in accordance with the National Competition Policy. Liquor legislation is an example of industry regulation which may be seen as anti-competitive eg. by requiring vendors to be licensed. A submission was prepared on behalf of PADD and in consultation with that organisation. It was proposed that the only broad social purpose that needs to be served by liquor laws is to ensure that public health, safety and order problems are minimised while meeting public demand for access to alcohol. Evidence was provided of the nature and extent of alcohol-related problems associated with consumption on licensed premises and of effective regulatory strategies for reducing levels of these.

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