Indigenous Australians and liquor licensing legislation

  • Research program: Needs of Aboriginal Australians
  • Project status: Completed
  • Start date: March 1997
  • Expected end date: June 1999
  • Completion date: November 1999
  • Funded by: CDHFS
  • Lead organisation:

This research project was designed to review liquor licensing and related legislation throughout Australia, and to develop recommendations aimed at ensuring that such legislation: furthers the objective of minimising the harm caused by alcohol among Indigenous Australians; promotes Indigenous community involvement in decision making regarding the availability of alcohol; and, is culturally appropriate. The study utilised a qualitative research methodology, which included review and analysis of existing legislation, a literature review, and analysis of written comment and interview data pertaining to liquor licensing legislation. The report made a number of recommendations as to how such legislation could be strengthened.

Name & Contact Details Role Research Program Location
  • Chief Investigator: Sherry Saggers, Curtin University
  • Project staff: Deirdre Bourbon, Curtin University

Bourbon, D., Saggers, S. and Gray, D. (1999). Indigenous Australians and Liquor Licensing Legislation. National Centre for Research into the Prevention of Drug Abuse, Division of Health Sciences, Perth, Western Australia. [T87] Download PDF