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Gray, D. (2019). Submission - Development Application Tennant Creek Lot 01593 – Proposed Tennant Creek Rehabilitation Facility. Development Consent Authority, Development Assessment Services, DIPL., PO Box 2130 Alice Springs NT 0871. [R347]

The prime consideration in the establishment of a residential treatment facility is that it meets the needs of clients. To this end, there should be a clear specification of the model of care on which the program is based. The assertion that the rehabilitation program will be based on a 'therapeutic community model' says little of particular elements of care to be provided and whether or not the program is accredited by the Australasian Therapeutic Communities Association. Nor is it clear that the 'therapeutic community model' has been adapted specifically for Aboriginal clients. (In this latter regard, considerable developmental work has been undertaken by the Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Residential Rehabilitation Network (ADARRN) – an association of NSW Aboriginal community-controlled alcohol and other drug rehabilitation services. In the absence of such information it is not clear whether the proposal is 'fit for purpose'. That is, whether the facility is based on assessment of client needs and the facilities and resources necessary to provide for those needs and desired outcomes (or whether the facility has been proposed and the services are to be 'shoe-horned' into it). From my perspective such planning should be an integral part of the proposal.

As part of addressing this fundamental issue, a number of issues suggest themselves for resolution.

• Are both men and women to be admitted to the 'purpose build residential facility' and, if so, how are the they to be accommodated within it and what measures are to be taken to ensure both physical and cultural safety of residents?

To say that ' Children are permitted on site in the Transitional Aftercare Facility only and must be supervised by their parents at all times', does not address the duty of care owed to residents by BRADAAG.

• What planning has gone into the facilities and resources needed to provide a genuine and adequate level of rehabilitative activities. Including for example whether the space allocated to the two raised garden beds is adequate for the provision of horticultural training.

• On what basis was the allocation of private and public space planned and what consultation about this was undertaken with the local Aboriginal community – and, given that such a large area is protected is the remainder adequate to the needs and cultural safety of potential clients?

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