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Wilson, M., Butt, J., C., Gower, D., Wilkes, E., T., Gray, D. and Howe, N. (2013). Drinking in the suburbs: The experiences of Aboriginal young people. National Drug Research Institute, Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia. ISBN: 978-0-9873641-9-7 [R267] Download PDF

This report presents the findings from the Healthway-funded ‘Drinking in the Suburbs’ project. Subsequently renamed ‘Make a night or break a night’ by the young participants, the project explored the experiences of Aboriginal youth with and around alcohol in the south and south-east metropolitan suburbs of Perth. The purpose of the study was to provide a comprehensive picture of this group’s experiences for services to better target future health promotion for Aboriginal youth. This study highlights the need for a youth-friendly approach to health promotion, specifically designed for, conducted by, and in consultation with, young Aboriginal people. Participants in this study identified what made ‘health promotion sense’ to them. Their ideas can potentially provide a guide for services wishing to target harmful alcohol use among this group and for future health promotion initiatives.

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