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Lenton, S. (2011). Changing cannabis laws to facilitate a shift to domestic cannabis production as a harm reduction strategy – a case study. In Decorte, T., Potter, G. and Bouchard, M. (eds.) World wide weed: global trends in cannabis cultivation and its control. Ashgate, UK. pp. 197-213. ISBN: 978-1-4094-1780 [CH168] View web page

Simon Lenton explores developments in law and policy reactions to cannabis cultivation in Western Australia. He gives an overview of the WA Cannabis Infringement Notice Scheme and discusses the rationale behind attempts to use policy initiatives to shift the cannabis market. This rationale is considered from the theoretical perspective of 'marginal deterrence'. The chapter moves on to consider issues specific to the CIN example. It looks at some of the underlying considerations of the schemes authors, in particular the discrepancy between cultivation and possession amounts eligible for infringement and the issue of trying to guide police discretion to a least harmful outcome. It moves on to consider the media and political debate, evidence of impact, the fate of the reforms, and lessons learned. The chapter concludes by considering the implications of this scheme for policies of cannabis control.

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