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Gray, D. and Stearne, A. (2004). Makin Tracks: Final Evaluation Report. National Drug Research Institute, Perth. ISBN: 1 740 673 409 [T145] Download PDF

Evaluation report from a South Australia community-based substance misuse intervention project, Makin Tracks, by the Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council of South Australia (ADAC). The project funded by Australian Department of Health and Ageing, began in October 1999, for the development strategies to reduce solvent misuse in selected Aboriginal communities in South Australia.

The National Drug Research Institute (NDRI) evaluated the project. NDRI recorded the time and activities of the project staff, under these categories: strengthening and supporting existing programs; working directly with people at risk of substance misuse; networking and promoting Makin Tracks activities; project planning and administration; staff development and conference attendance; travel to communities; and, leave and ‘sorry business’. Every three months the record sheets were used to report to the project Steering Committee. At the end of the project, two Aboriginal staff members from NDRI conducted 29 interviews with people who were involved with the project including ADAC staff members, representatives of government and community organisations.

The Makin Tracks project team had four objectives that directed the work of the project. Part way through the project the second and third objectives were modified, and the fourth was introduced in May 2001 as an alternative.

The report highlights elements of the project that contribute to the successful implementation of Aboriginal substance misuse projects in general.

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