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Shaw, G., Biven, A., Gray, D., Mosey, A., Stearne, A. and Perry, J. (2004). An evaluation of the COMGAS Scheme: 'They sniffed it and they sniffed it – but it just wasn't there'. Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, Canberra. ISBN: 0 642 82566 1 [M50] View web page

This report, An evaluation of the Comgas Scheme, evaluates the Comgas Scheme, which subsidises the cost of aviation fuel (Avgas) as an alternative motor vehicle fuel for remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The subsidy provided under the Comgas Scheme means that, for approximately the same cost as ordinary unleaded petrol, participating communities can access a fuel that contains low levels of aromatic hydrocarbons, and is therefore unattractive to petrol sniffers. The report found that the Comgas Scheme is a 'safe, effective and popular intervention' which should be continued. The report also made a number of other recommendations for expanding the scope of the Comgas Scheme.

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