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Boffa, J., Tilton, E. and Ah Chee, D. (2018). Preventing alcohol-related harm in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities: The experience of an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service in Central Australia. Australian Journal of General Practice, 47, (12), pp. 851-854. DOI: 10.31128/AJGP-08-18-4661 [RJ1558] View web page

Boffa, J., Gray, D. and Ah Chee, D. (2015). Aboriginal communities, alcohol-related harms and the need for an evidence-based approach. Drug and Alcohol Review, 34, (5), pp. 467-468. DOI: 10.1111/dar.12296 [RJ1086] View web page

Symons, M., Gray, D., Chikritzhs, T., N., Skov, S., J., Saggers, S., Boffa, J. and Low, J. (2012). A longitudinal study of influences on alcohol consumption and related harm in Central Australia: with a particular emphasis on the role of price. National Drug Research Institute, Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia. ISBN: 978-0-9873641-0-4 [T220] Download PDF

Stearne, A., Schmidt, S., Gray, D., Wilkes, E., T., Boffa, J. and Corcoran, T. (2011). A program and its evaluation: the Safe and Sober Support Service. Drug and Alcohol Review (S1 ed), 30, (1), pp. 84. [RJ822] Abstract

Brown, J., Hunter, E., Conigrave, K., d'Abbs, P., Boffa, J. and Gallageher, C. (2008). Multidisciplinary care in the management of substance misuse and mental health problems in Indigenous settings. [R246] Download PDF

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