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John Boffa has been an Adjunct Associate Professor with the National Drug Research Institute since 2013. He was initially the SMO at Anyinginyi Health in Tennant Creek from 1988 and has been employed by the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress since 1994 in various senior roles and, since 2013, serving as the Chief Medical Officer Public Health.

John has extensive experience in Aboriginal community controlled primary health care. He has provided clinical leadership over many years in primary health care and continuous quality improvement and is committed to the adaption of evidence-based services and programs to the specific needs of Aboriginal communities in the NT. He also had extensive involvement in key national workforce policy reforms especially in terms of access to international medical graduates, general practice education and policies to address the maldistribution of the workforce.

He is a member of the NT Clinical Senate, NT Early Childhood Expert Reference Panel, National Health Care Homes Evaluation Working Group, Funding Methodology Advisory Committee and National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Service Data Advisory Committee. He has served on many boards over the years and was the inaugural chair of the NT Remote Health Workforce Agency and then a director, the inaugural deputy chair of NTGPE and a director on the Central Australian Division of Primary Health Care and the former State Based Organisation. He was appointed to the Northern Territory PHN Board in November 2019.

  • MBBS
  • MPH

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