Webinar: What do we know about the impacts of cannabis use in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities?

The Alcohol and Other Drugs Knowledge Centre is hosting a webinar on Thursday 21 May 2020 presented by NDRI's Dr Julia Butt. The free webinar will run for approximately 40 minutes and will be followed by an open Q&A session. 

The webinar will discuss what is known about the prevalence of recreational cannabis use in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. It will also examine the cannabis related harms including health and social concerns, and poly drug use. Health Workers and community perceptions of harms will also be addressed. The presentation will also address the barriers and opportunities for addressing cannabis related harms and options for intervention.

The webinar will be held at:

  • 12:00pm (NSW, Vic, Qld, Tas and ACT)
  • 11:30am (SA and NT)
  • 10:00am (WA).

For more information and to register for the webinar, please visit the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet here.

Posted on: 12 May 2020

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