New resource on alcohol and older Australians available

A new fact sheet, ‘Alcohol and Older Australians’ is available providing older Australians with information about how ageing impacts on the body’s ability to process alcohol and alcohol’s potential interactions with prescribed and over the counter medications.

The fact sheet, developed in a collaboration between the Mental Health Commission, the Council on the Ageing, the National Drug Research Institute and Edith Cowan University, also provides information about the long term risks of regular alcohol consumption. Dr Celia Wilkinson has been leading research in this area in Western Australia, and provided significant input in the development of the fact sheet.

“Older Australians have long been ignored when it comes to providing them with information on the potential risks around alcohol and I hope that health professionals and older Australians will find the fact sheet useful as a starting point for an alcohol and health related conversation,” Dr Wilkinson said.

Posted on: 1 Dec 2015

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