New knowledge exchange products on alcohol now available

The Alcohol and Other Drugs Knowledge Centre has added a suite of online resources based on the Review of the harmful use of alcohol among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people written by NDRI researchers Dennis Gray, Kim Cartwright, Anna Stearne, Sherry Saggers, Ted Wilkes and Mandy Wilson.

Published last year, the review explores the harmful effects of alcohol use in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander context and examines patterns of use, health impacts, underlying causal factors, policies and interventions to address these impacts, and ways to further reduce harm.

Four new resources based on the review are now available on the Knowledge Centre website:

The animated infographic provides an audio visual snapshot of key information found in the review in an engaging format, while the eBook is an interactive, online version of the review with additional, enhanced features such as embedded videos and illustrations. The HealthInfoByte is part of a series which promotes HealthInfoNet reviews and provides short, ‘byte’ sized information, and the A4 infographic provides key facts about alcohol use.

Posted on: 1 Oct 2018

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