New Centre of Research Excellence to predict, prevent violence

NDRI researchers will play a leading role in research to better understand and prevent violence as part of a new Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) announced in the latest round of NHMRC funding.

Professor Tony Butler, from UNSW Medicine & Health and an Adjunct Professor at NDRI, will lead a team of Australian and international researchers investigating violence in the community to better understand violence perpetration and improve its prediction and prevention.

The CRE includes 11 projects that will observe individual factors such as early life experiences, cognition and substance use, and consider broader issues such as sentencing practices in court and how to optimise the collection and use of large violence-related data.

NDRI’s Dr Jocelyn Jones, Aboriginal Research Program Leader, and Dr Mandy Wilson, Justice Health Program Leader, will lead a project focussed on understanding the motives and contexts of Aboriginal’s women’s use of force to inform intervention and prevention among this at-risk cohort.

The CRE will also include an NDRI project led by Dr Wilson aiming to enhance knowledge of motivations and treatment for use of coercive force.

Read the NHMRC’s announcement here

Posted on: 5 Sep 2022

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