NDRI webinar: Research updates on FASD - a disability rights lens

Wednesday August 24, 11am–noon WST, 1-2pm EST

Hosted by Dr Jocelyn Jones, NDRI Aboriginal Research Program Leader

Research on FASD is growing at a fast pace and current research in the areas of FASD and child welfare, justice, mental health and suicide will be the focus of this presentation.

Several high-profile media cases in Australia will be identified in the presentation as systems continue to struggle in responding effectively to the needs of this population. This population is vulnerable to engagement in key sectors including child welfare, justice, and mental health yet FASD continues to be an under-recognised disability globally. Individuals living with this disability have a right to have their disability recognised and for effective supports to be provided in their care.

Professor in the Faculty of Social Work at University of Calgary, Dorothy Badry (PhD, MSW, RSW) is also the child welfare research lead for the Canada FASD Research Network. Her research focus is primarily on FASD and child welfare, disability, advancing knowledge on FASD, issues of loss and grief, Indigenous concerns and FASD, international collaboration and FASD and suicide. Dorothy is currently visiting in Perth, Australia.

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Posted on: 1 Aug 2022

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