NDRI webinar: The $67 billion cost of one of our favourite drugs

  • Introduction – NDRI Professor Steve Allsop
  • Calculating morbidity and mortality – NDRI Research Fellow William Gilmore
  • Calculating costings, and their impact – NDRI Program Leader Dr Robert Tait
  • Discussion – NDRI Professor Tanya Chikritzhs and all presenters
Monday April 4, 11am–noon WST, 1-2pm EST

Alcohol consumption is conservatively estimated to cost the Australian community $66.8 billion a year in health, workplace, crime, road traffic, premature death and other costs. This webinar will outline the findings of the recently released Examining the Social and Economic Costs of Alcohol Use in Australia: 2017/18 report. The first national update in a decade of the costs of alcohol use, the report is part of the Social and Economic Costs of Substance Use program, which also outlined costs associated with tobacco, methamphetamine, cannabis and opioid misuse.

This webinar will outline the tangible and intangible costs of alcohol to the Australian community, how updated costs were calculated and the way such areas as FASD and ‘protective’ effects were treated before an inclusive discussion led by NDRI Alcohol Policy and Strategies Program Leader Professor Tanya Chikritzhs.

Watch the recording of the webinar here.

Posted on: 16 Mar 2022

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