NDRI awarded over $6.4 million for alcohol and other drug research

Curtin’s National Drug Research Institute (NDRI) has been awarded over $6.4 million by the Australian Government to continue conducting research that contributes to effective policy, strategies and practice aimed at preventing and reducing harmful alcohol and other drug use in Australia. The core funding is provided by the Alcohol and Other Drugs Research Centres program, under the Australian Government Department of Health’s Drug and Alcohol Program, and is for a three-year period to June 2022.

The new grant marks 35 years of continuous funding of NDRI by the Commonwealth Government, and is a measure of the high regard in which the Institute is viewed nationally and internationally. With a focus on social impact as well as academic metrics, the new funding will allow NDRI to continue to conduct innovative research, enhance national research capacity, and engage community stakeholders in the research process so that findings can be translated into effective policy and practice.

Posted on: 26 Aug 2019

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