International scholars visit NDRI Melbourne

NDRI Melbourne is hosting three visiting scholars in the first half of 2016: Ditte Andersen, Rasmus Birk and Fay Dennis.

Ditte Andersen, a postdoctoral fellow at the Danish National Centre for Social Research, completed her PhD at the Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research, Aarhus University. Her research interests revolve around the interplay between individual narratives and state-sponsored programs of social welfare/social control targeting youth with multidimensional problems related to drugs, crime, mental health and/or family history.

Based on ethnographic research, Ditte has published on how individual change is staged and storied in drug treatment for young people. In her postdoctoral work, Ditte will study social interaction in arenas intersecting medical, legal and social welfare institutions. Specifically, she hopes to do video analysis of how young people and professionals (e.g. trom psychiatry and prison service) use, contest and change individual narratives in case meetings.

Rasmus' research interests include subjectivity, citizenship, marginalization and health, with emphasis on the ways these phenomena arise, and their investigation through the use of qualitative methods. His PhD project investigates the policies and practices of social work in marginalised urban areas in Denmark.

Ditte will be in Melbourne until March 25 and Rasmus until June 30. Fay Dennis will be at NDRI Melbourne from March 21 to May 13.

Posted on: 1 Feb 2016

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