Dr Fiona Lander: A future leader in global health and international human rights

The National Drug Research Institute (NDRI) recently hosted an international human rights law expert who is completing her Masters at Harvard University. Originally from Melbourne, Dr Fiona Lander is completing a Masters of Public Health at Harvard University as a Frank Knox Memorial Fellow, specialising in Law and Public Health.

As part of her degree Fiona spent three weeks working at NDRI on a research project concerning Indigenous health, substance use and the law. During her time at NDRI, Fiona focused on the impact of the Northern Territory's mandatory treatment laws. Professor Dennis Gray, leader of NDRI’s Aboriginal Research Program, said Fiona had conduced an important review of alcohol mandatory treatment, and that NDRI had been fortunate to host her visit.

Fiona is a qualified Australian lawyer and medical doctor, graduating from Monash University with dual honours in Medicine/Surgery and Laws, along with prizes in emergency medicine and her common law honours thesis on medicolegal liability in Australia. Fiona has been recognised as an emerging leader in the Australian Leadership Awards and as a leading woman in the field of global health by the Graduate Institute.

Posted on: 1 Apr 2015

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