Disability Royal Commission releases NDRI-led research report

A key report, highlighting the impact of family violence on First Nations women and children with disability, has been published by the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability.

Wangkiny Yirra “Speaking Up” Project: First Nations women and children with disability and their experiences of family and domestic violence made 39 recommendations for structural reform to several key areas across government and non-government agencies.

The research was commissioned by the Disability Royal Commission. National Drug Research Institute Aboriginal Research Program Leader Jocelyn Jones was lead author on the research report, which included colleagues from NDRI, Curtin University, University of Sydney and Telethon Kids Institute.

Despite First Nations women and children with disability being at greater risk of family and domestic violence and its consequences, the voices of Aboriginal people are largely missing from disability research in Australia.

This study engaged with First Nations communities and key stakeholders to gain an understanding of their experiences of family and domestic violence, identify factors they believe open them up to risk of harm including alcohol and other drug use, document their observations and experiences of barriers and enablers to seeking assistance and support, obtain their views on what works in available programs, and make recommendations for culturally safe prevention and protection programs.

Developed in consultation with an Aboriginal Leadership and Advisory Group, the recommendations included:

  • reforming national disability, child protection, education, justice, and guardianship systems to better meet the needs of First Nations women and children with disability
  • improving data about First Nations people with disability to better inform policy, service delivery and funding allocation
  • increasing capacity of Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations to support First Nations clients with disability in the community and prisons, and
  • investing in support for kinship carers of children with disability.

Click here for more information, including an ‘Easy Read’ copy of the report

Posted on: 26 Jun 2023

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