Cannabis regulation on the agenda at NDRI Annual Symposium

Cannabis regulation will be the main topic for discussion at NDRI’s 2018 Annual Symposium, this year taking place in Melbourne on Thursday 22 November.

Attitudes towards cannabis are changing around the globe, and in recent years a number of regulated legal markets for adult ’recreational’ use have been introduced. However, cannabis legalisation is an emerging and complex area, and many questions remain about how best to create a legal market for cannabis production and sale that removes the harms associated with its illegality, while minimising any other potential adverse consequences associated with its use.

Keynote Speaker Professor Tom Decorte is an international expert on cannabis regulation who believes that cannabis legalisation is not a simple choice between prohibition and a regulated commercial model (like alcohol and tobacco). In his keynote address he will present his ideas on safer forms of legalisation including a non-profit corporate model that promotes public health and safety over profits.

Professor Decorte will also participate in the symposium panel discussion – Cannabis regulation: Profit versus public health, which aims to contribute to the Australian conversation about cannabis policy by: describing where Australia is at with regards to cannabis law reform and public debate; presenting some of the challenges and consequences of commercial models of cannabis regulation; and exploring some of the non-commercial, middle ground options - including ‘cannabis social clubs' - which have, to date, received little attention in this country.

The panel will bring together experts to lay out some of the issues and provide a platform for an engaging and stimulating discussion where audience questions and commentary will be welcomed. We encourage you to come along and contribute to the debate!

The symposium will also feature leading Perth and Melbourne-based NDRI researchers who will showcase their latest innovative research and findings, including:

  • Rebecca McKetin – New treatments for ice dependence and the N-ICE Trial
  • Simon Lenton – Opioids in the community
  • David Moore – Alcohol and young people
  • Nyanda McBride – School interventions
  • Tanya Chikritzhs – Alcohol and health
  • Mandy Wilson – Aboriginal women and offending behaviour
  • Adrian Farrugia – Barriers to naloxone uptake
  • Suzanne Fraser – Stigma and discrimination around drug use

For further information about the symposium and how to register please visit the 2018 NDRI Annual Symposium webpage.

Posted on: 15 Oct 2018

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