Breaking the ice online intervention now available

A free, confidential, self-guided intervention program for users of crystal methamphetamine (ice), developed by researchers at NDRI and NDARC, is now available online.

The program, Breaking the ice, is particularly recommended for young adults (aged 16-25) and is designed to help participants:

  • Identify any problems associated with their use of ice, in areas such as health, work, relationships and money, and
  • Consider the impact of making changes to their ice use, like quitting completely, reducing use, or using in a less risky manner.

Breaking the ice is made up of two modules and uses motivational interviewing and cognitive behaviour therapy methods. Participants are required to register using an email address, password and phone number. The program can be completed over several sessions.

Breaking the ice was originally developed by a collaboration of researchers from the Australian National University, NDARC and NDRI, and was evaluated in a randomized controlled trial 1. The intervention has since been redeveloped - based on feedback from young people at risk of/already using ice - by researchers at NDRI and NDARC, with funding from the NSW Department of Health, and is now available free of charge at

  1. Tait, R.J., McKetin, R., Kay-Lambkin, F., Carron-Arthur, B., Bennett, A., Bennett, K., Christensen, H., Griffiths, K., 2015. Six month outcomes of a web-based intervention for users of amphetamine-type stimulants: Randomized controlled trial. Journal of Medical Internet Research 17, e105

Posted on: 1 Oct 2017

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