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Teacher training is an important evidence-based component of the SHAHRP program. NDRI has provided training to several education groups around Australia, who now provide ongoing training opportunities.

Research evidence suggests that training is an important feature in drug education. The results for the SHAHRP study are influenced by teacher training. Each program teacher received training, which modelled the teaching of phase one, phase two and phase three activities. Prior to the first phase of implementation, teachers participated in two days of training, this was followed by one extra day of training in the following year for teachers who had taught phase one. For teachers new to the program at phase two, two days of training were provided. Phase three teacher participated in one day of training. The focus of all training was interactive modelling of activities. This type of training requires teachers to participate in each activity as a pseudo students and to reflect on management, discussion and debriefing issues for each activity, in their teacher role.

There are many teacher educators around Australia skilled in providing training sessions on the SHAHRP materials. A list of contacts is available through NDRI.


The National Drug Research Institute (NDRI) developed the SHAHRP classroom resource as part of a research study to assess the effectiveness of an evidence-based curriculum program in reducing the alcohol related harm that young people experience. One of the key features of the SHAHRP curriculum materials is that they incorporate information from focus group discussions with students to ensure that the lesson activities are based on the experiences of young people. The materials were piloted with students and teachers to make the resource appropriate to the school setting while maintaining the integrity of the evidence-based approach. Results from the SHAHRP study indicate that the program can assist students to increase knowledge, develop safer attitudes, reduce alcohol consumption and reduce the harm experienced from the students' own alcohol use and other people's use of alcohol. These results were attained when the SHAHRP program was taught as documented in the teacher manual.

The SHAHRP curriculum materials may be downloaded from the website free and printed for educational purposes by individual schools. However, please note that SHAHRP students were particularly motivated by the colourful workbooks.

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