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National Drug Research Institute

Preventing Harmful Drug Use In Australia

PHD Scholarships in Melbourne

Qualitative research on addiction


The National Drug Research Institute (NDRI) invites expressions of interest from suitably qualified candidates for a PhD scholarship in qualitative research on addiction. The scholarship will be based in NDRI's Social Studies of Addiction Concepts research program.

The Program

Concepts of addiction vary across time and place. Focusing on the field of alcohol and other drug (AOD) use, this program of research maps and monitors changes in addiction concepts and language in Australia and around the world. Key questions the research program explores include:

  • How is addiction made in debates about new drugs and new issues such as online drug markets or 'the new recovery'?;
  • How do changes in terminology affect the way AOD policy is designed and implemented?;
  • How is addiction depicted in popular culture and how do these depictions relate to policy, law and service provision?;
  • How do individuals experience diagnoses of addiction?;
  • How do medical and public health definitions of addiction relate to legal responses to drug use;
  • How do new developments in knowledge impact on understandings of addiction and responses to it?; and
  • How do public understandings of addiction and representations in the media contribute to policy and practice?

The Scholarship

The scholarship will carry an annual tax-free stipend of $29,424 a year for three years. It will commence in 2014 and is based at NDRI's Melbourne office, located at Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre in Fitzroy.

The closing date for applications is Monday November 4. For more information, including the selection criteria, download the flyer.