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Social Supply of Cannabis project

Social Supply of Cannabis

There are a number of ways of getting access to cannabis for recreational use including supply through everyday social activities and networks. Many people accessing cannabis are often otherwise law-abiding and not involved with organised drug dealers or drug dealing with its associated risks. This study aimed to provide a detailed account of the ways in which young adults (aged 18-30 years old) gain access to cannabis. In doing so, the project explored the impact of supply routes on different aspects of young people's lives, including access to other drugs, contact with the police, schooling and relationships with families and friends.

Data collection for this research has closed and research findings are currently being disseminated through relevant conferences and scholarly publication outlets (particularly over 2015 to 2016).

We would like to thank the anonymous cannabis users who participated in the project and those who supported the successful conduct of this research.

We will make publications from this research available on this site when they are released.