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Curtin University
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Preventing Harmful Drug Use In Australia

Pub Extended Trading Hours Study

Pub Extended Trading Hours Study

Research is being undertaken by the National Drug Research Institute, Curtin University, into the effects of licensed venue late night trading hours on intoxication and alcohol-related harms in Perth night-time entertainment areas. The project is led by highly experienced national and international researchers. The ultimate aim of this project is to inform evidence-based approaches to liquor licensing that reduce harms and improve safety in the night time entertainment environment.

Researchers will be conducting patron interviews outside venues in Perth's night-time areas, which will include breathalyzing participants. Researchers will also conduct observations of patron behaviour within venues. All information collected will be confidential and anonymous.

If you have any questions about the study or would like to withdraw from the study, please contact Professor Tanya Chikritzhs on (08) 9266 1609 or email

Should you have any concerns about the conduct of this research, please contact the Curtin University Human Research Ethics Committee on (08) 9266 9223 or email and quote the project number HR154/2015.

This study is funded by Healthway, the Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation.